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Taught by a Bot: How some schools use AI tutors in the classroom

Taught by a Bot: How some schools use AI tutors in the classroom

While some schools resist their students’ use of chatbots, others are inviting them into the classroom. Some primary and secondary schools in the United States are testing an automated tutor built by online educator Khan Academy.
ChatGPT on the right with a forbidden sign as different logos appear on the left

ChatGPT Backlash: ChatGPT faces backlash over plagiarism fears.

The Batch - AI News & Insights. The breakout text generator faces resistance — even within the AI community. Organizations including the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) and the New York Department of Education banned OpenAI's ChatGPT...
Series of slides showing different algorithms used by Washington D.C. to streamline their operations

Algorithms Control the Capital: The 29 Algorithms Used by Washington, D.C.

A new report offers a rare peek into the use of automated decision-making tools by the government of a major city.
Capture of Honorlock, an AI-powered software designed to catch students who cheat on academic examinations

Court Blocks AI-Assisted Proctoring: AI Cheating Software Loses in Court

A U.S. court ruled against an implementation of AI-powered software designed to catch students who cheat on academic examinations.
Series of universities entrances

Machine Learning for Human Learners: How colleges are using AI

AI is guiding admissions, grading homework, and even teaching classes on college campuses.
Two images showing the process of turning handwriting into text

The Writing, Not the Doodles: A handwriting detection AI model for messy paper.

Systems designed to turn handwriting into text typically work best on pages with a consistent layout, such as a single column unbroken by drawings, diagrams, or extraneous symbols. A new system removes that requirement.
Results of Algorithmia's survey of 750 business leaders

Enterprise AI on the Rise: A 2021 survey of how business leaders are using AI.

A survey of AI in large companies sees boom times ahead — if AI teams can get past issues that surround implementation. Businesses of all sizes are using more machine learning, spending more on it, and hiring more engineers to wrangle it.
Fei-Fei Li

Stanford professor Fei-Fei on how a national research cloud would boost AI

The United States has been a leader in science and technology for decades, and all nations have benefitted from its innovations. But U.S. leadership in AI is not guaranteed.
Illustration of a neighborhood haunted by an evil pumpkin and a black cat

Giant Models Bankrupt Research: Will training AI become too expensive for most companies?

What if AI requires so much computation that it becomes unaffordable?The fear: Training ever more capable models will become too pricey for all but the richest corporations and government agencies. Rising costs will
Different images from NSF AI Institute

U.S. Proposes National AI Centers: U.S. proposes $180 million for AI research.

The White House called for new funding for AI research including a constellation of research centers. Nonetheless, the U.S. government’s annual spending on the technology still would lag behind that of several other...
Protest in the UK and information about grading algorithm

AI Grading Doesn’t Make the Grade: The UK canceled its plan for AI-generated grading.

The UK government abandoned a plan to use machine learning to assess students for higher education. The UK Department of Education discarded grades generated by an algorithm designed to predict performance on the annual Advanced Level qualifications, which had been canceled due to the pandemic.
Excerpts from Global AI Talent Tracker report

Mapping AI’s Talent Pipeline: The global AI talent tracker traces education and employment.

China launches most of AI’s top researchers, but the U.S. is their number-one destination. U.S.-based research group MacroPolo published the Global AI Talent Tracker. The report traces international trends in education and employment among elite engineers.
Partnership in AI, Amazon, Baidu, Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft logos

Baidu Leaves Partnership on AI: Chinese tech giant exits a consortium on AI bias and privacy.

Baidu backed out of a U.S.-led effort to promote ethics in AI, leaving the project without a Chinese presence. The Beijing-based search giant withdrew from the Partnership on AI, a consortium that promotes cooperation on issues like digital privacy and algorithmic bias.
Excerpt of a video showing how HireVue works

HR’s Robot Helper: Colleges prepare students for AI hiring interviews.

For some college graduates, landing a first job means making a good impression on a chatbot. University guidance counselors around the U.S. are preparing students for interviews with AI-powered screening algorithms.
Excerpt from 2019 Artificial Intelligence Index

Tracking AI’s Global Growth: The 2019 AI Index tracks the industry's worldwide growth.

Which countries are ahead in AI? Many, in one way or another, and not always the ones you might expect. The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence published its 2019 Artificial Intelligence Index, detailing when, where, and how AI is on the rise.
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