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GIF of Copilot editing and generating images for Windows photo apps

Chatbots for Productivity: Microsoft extends Copilot to 365 and Windows.

Microsoft's ChatGPT-powered assistants will roll out in the coming months.
Captures from PromptBase

Prompting DALL路E for Fun and Profit: A marketplace for phrases that produce art in DALL路E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion

An online marketplace enables people to buy text prompts designed to produce consistent output from the new generation of text-to-image generators.
Different images generated by DALL路E

Text-to-Image Goes Viral: Inside Craiyon, Formerly Known as DALL路E Mini

A homebrew re-creation of OpenAI鈥檚 DALL路E model is the latest internet sensation. Craiyon has been generating around 50,000 user-prompted images daily, thanks to its ability to produce visual mashups like Darth Vader ice fishing and photorealistic Pokemon characters.
Examples of Dall-E searches

DALL路E 2鈥檚 Emergent Vocabulary: The text-to- image generator DALL路E 2 invents its own words and concepts

OpenAI鈥檚 text-to-image generator DALL路E 2 produces pictures with uncanny creativity on demand. Has it invented its own language as well? Ask DALL路E 2 to generate an image that includes text, and often its output will include seemingly random characters.
AI generated images with different descriptions

More Realistic Pictures From Text: How the Glide Diffusion Model Generates Images from Text

OpenAI鈥檚 DALL路E got an upgrade that takes in text descriptions and produces images in styles from hand-drawn to photorealistic. The new version is a rewrite from the ground up. It uses the earlier CLIP zero-shot image classifier to represent text descriptions.
Illustration of a woman riding a sled

Multimodal AI Takes Off: Multimodal Models, such as CLIP and DALL路E, are taking over AI.

While models like GPT-3 and EfficientNet, which work on text and images respectively, are responsible for some of deep learning鈥檚 highest-profile successes, approaches that find relationships between text and images made impressive
Series of example of accurate and inaccurate matching images to text

Crawl the Web, Absorb the Bias: NLP Models Absorb Biases from Web Training Data

The emerging generation of trillion-parameter models needs datasets of billions of examples, but the most readily available source of examples on that scale 鈥 the web 鈥 is polluted with bias and antisocial expressions. A new study examines the issue.
AI-generated images with the model DALL-E

Tell Me a Picture: OpenAI's two new multimodal AI models, CLIP and DALL路E

Two new models show a surprisingly sharp sense of the relationship between words and images. OpenAI, the for-profit research lab, announced a pair of models that have produced impressive results in multimodal learning: DALL路E.

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