Contrastive Learning

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Animated chart shows how AI can avoid mistaking an image's subject for its context.
Contrastive Learning

Taming Spurious Correlations: New Technique Helps AI Avoid Classification Mistakes

When a neural network learns image labels, it may confuse a background item for the labeled object. New research avoids such mistakes.
Flowcharts show how a new contrastive learning approach uses metadata to improve AI image classifiers
Contrastive Learning

Learning From Metadata: Descriptive Text Improves Performance for AI Image Classification Systems

Images in the wild may not come with labels, but they often include metadata. A new training method takes advantage of this information to improve contrastive learning.
Information about a new unsupervised pretraining method called VICReg
Contrastive Learning

More Reliable Pretraining: Pretraining Method Helps AI Learn Useful Representations

Pretraining methods generate basic representations for later fine-tuning, but they’re prone to certain issues that can throw them off-kilter. New work proposes a solution.
Examples of contrastive learning
Contrastive Learning

Learning From Words and Pictures: A deep learning method for medical x-rays with text

It’s expensive to pay doctors to label medical images, and the relative scarcity of high-quality training examples can make it hard for neural networks to learn features that make for accurate diagnoses.
Electroencephalogram (EEG) and data related to contrastive predictive coding (CPC)
Contrastive Learning

Unlabeled Brainwaves Spill Secrets: Deep learning helps doctors interpret EEGs.

For people with neurological disorders like epilepsy, attaching sensors to the scalp to measure electrical currents within the brain is benign. But interpreting the resulting electroencephalogram (EEG) graphs can give doctors a headache.
Data and information related to Contrastive Unsupervised Representations for Reinforcement Learning (CURL)
Contrastive Learning

RL and Feature Extraction Combined: CURL combines reinforcement with contrastive learning.

Which comes first, training a reinforcement learning model or extracting high-quality features? New work avoids this chicken-or-egg dilemma by doing both simultaneously.
Graph related to imple Contrastive Learning (SimCLR)
Contrastive Learning

Self-Supervised Simplicity: Image classification with simple contrastive learning (SimCLR)

A simple linear classifier paired with a self-supervised feature extractor outperformed a supervised deep learning model on ImageNet, according to new research.

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