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Gif of Google search results shows how the company is minimizing disinformation.
Collaborations Pharmaceuticals

Misinformation Recognition: Google Updated its Search Engine to Minimize Disinformation

Google updated the Multitask Unified model its search algorithm to respond to the flood of misinformation on the web.
Skeletal formula of the (S) enantiomer of VX
Collaborations Pharmaceuticals

AI Designs Chemical Weapons: Researchers retrained a system originally designed to discover new medicines to show that it could, instead, generate molecular formulas for poisons.

It’s surprisingly easy to turn a well-intended machine learning model to the dark side. In an experiment, Fabio Urbina and colleagues at Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, who had built a drug-discovery model to design useful compounds and avoid toxic ones, retrained it to generate poisons.
Abeba Birhane
Collaborations Pharmaceuticals

Abeba Birhane: Clean up web datasets

From language to vision models, deep neural networks are marked by improved performance, higher efficiency, and better generalizations. Yet, these systems are also marked by perpetuation of bias and injustice.
Illustration of health related icons connected to a cloud
Collaborations Pharmaceuticals

When Private Data is Not Private: Google trained Project Nightingale on private patient data.

Google spent the past year training an AI-powered health care program using personal information from one of the largest hospital systems in the U.S. Patients had no idea — until last week.

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