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Different images generated by DALL路E

Text-to-Image Goes Viral: Inside Craiyon, Formerly Known as DALL路E Mini

A homebrew re-creation of OpenAI鈥檚 DALL路E model is the latest internet sensation. Craiyon has been generating around 50,000 user-prompted images daily, thanks to its ability to produce visual mashups like Darth Vader ice fishing and photorealistic Pokemon characters.
Example comparing a nonaugmented model (left) to a model with internet-augmentation (right)

This Chatbot Does Its Research: Facebook Chatbot Uses the Internet to Inform its Answers

Chatbots often respond to human input with incorrect or nonsensical answers. Why not enable them to search for helpful information?
Screen capture of a Semantic Scholar search with TLDR summaries generated by AI

Very Short, Did Read: TLDR generates short summaries of scientific articles.

A new summarization model boils down AI research papers to a single sentence. TLDR from Allen Institute for AI creates at-a-glance summaries of scientific research papers. It鈥檚 up and running at Semantic Scholar, a research database, where searches now return its pithy precis.

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