Aug 25, 2021

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Sequence of coffee producers using technology from Israeli-Colombian startup Demetria.
Aug 25, 2021

Wake Up and Smell the AI: Coffee Producers Use AI to Grow Better Beans

Coffee producers are using machine learning to grow better beans.What’s new: Beverage giant Nespresso is rolling out a system to assess the quality of hybrid coffee seedlings using technology from Israeli-Colombian startup Demetria.
Series of images showing some of the findings of the new study by researchers at Stanford’s Human AI Institute
Aug 25, 2021

Weak Foundations Make Weak Models: Foundation AI Models Pass Flaws to Fine-Tuned Variants

A new study examines a major strain of recent research: huge models pretrained on immense quantities of uncurated, unlabeled data and then fine-tuned on a smaller, curated corpus.
Andrew Ng's grandfather drawing
Aug 25, 2021

The Batch: Invasion of the Large Language Models, Can AI Recognize Opioid Addicts?, Better Coffee Through AI

Recently I attended an online celebration of my late grandfather’s life. He had passed away quietly in his sleep in March. Two days later, Coursera was publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange. And two days after that, my son Neo Atlas Ng was born.
Animation showing NarxCare, a system that analyzes databases that track drug prescriptions in the US
Aug 25, 2021

Fighting Addiction or Denying Care?: NarxCare Medical AI Denies Painkillers to Patients in Need

An epidemic of opioid abuse in the U.S. killed 93,000 people in 2020 alone. An algorithm intended to help doctors prescribe the drugs responsibly may be barring worthy patients from pain relief.
Information about a new unsupervised pretraining method called VICReg
Aug 25, 2021

More Reliable Pretraining: Pretraining Method Helps AI Learn Useful Representations

Pretraining methods generate basic representations for later fine-tuning, but they’re prone to certain issues that can throw them off-kilter. New work proposes a solution.

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