Apr 06, 2022

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Apr 06, 2022

The Batch: Government Smacks Down Errant Algorithms, Animal Animations From Video, AI For Biofuel, Is There Learning After Overfitting?

The U.S. government punished an app vendor for building an algorithm based on ill-gotten data | Animal Animations From Video | Learning After Overfitting | Machine Learning boosts renewable fuels
Mobile app with forbidden sign over it | Federal Trade Commission (FTC) logo
Apr 06, 2022

The Hammer Drops: Government Fines Company for Misusing Child Data

The U.S. government punished an app vendor for building an algorithm based on ill-gotten data. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the U.S. agency in charge of consumer protection, ruled that an app developed by WW International (formerly Weight Watchers) violated data-collection laws.
ZooBuilder videoscreen capture
Apr 06, 2022

Animal Animations From Video: ZooBuilder AI Tool Converts Animal Videos into Animations'

A video game studio is looking to machine learning to cut the effort and expense of populating three-dimensional scenes with animated animals.
Grokking: A dramatic example of generalization far after overfitting on an algorithmic dataset
Apr 06, 2022

Learning After Overfitting: Transformers Continue Learning After Overfitting Data

When a model trains too much, it can overfit, or memorize, the training data, which reduces its ability to analyze similar-but-different inputs. But what if training continues? New work found that overfitting isn’t the end of the line.
Data processing and machine learning
Apr 06, 2022

Slime Pays: AI Helps Grow Algae for Renewable Fuel

A new machine learning technique is boosting algae as a renewable, carbon-neural source of fuel for airplanes and other vehicles typically powered by fossil fuels.

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