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Excerpt from Google Pixel 8 promotional video

Generative AI Calling: Google brings advanced computer vision and audio tech to Pixel 8 and 8 Pro phones.

Google’s new mobile phones put advanced computer vision and audio research into consumers’ hands. The Alphabet division introduced its flagship Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones at its annual hardware-launch event. Both units feature AI-powered tools for editing photos and videos.
Two images showing RETRO Architecture and Gopher (280B) vs State of the Art

Large Language Models Shrink: Gopher and RETRO prove lean language models can push boundaries.

DeepMind released three papers that push the boundaries — and examine the issues — of large language models.
An animation of a protein modeled by AlphaFold 2.

DeepMind Doubles Down on AlphaFold: DeepMind Launches Company to Commercialize AlphaFold 2

Isomorphic aims to build its business on AlphaFold 2, an ensemble of neural networks that finds the shapes of protein molecules.
Detection of a digitally altered image of a frog holding a violin

Fighting Fakes: Six algorithms that help news sites spot deepfakes

A supergroup of machine learning models flags manipulated photos. Jigsaw, a tech incubator owned by Alphabet, released a system that detects digitally altered images.
AI-driven balloon reaching high altitude

How to Drive a Balloon: How high-altitude balloons navigate using AI.

Helium balloons that beam internet service to hard-to-serve areas are using AI to navigate amid high-altitude winds. Loon, the Alphabet division that provides wireless internet via polyethylene blimps.
Quantum computing

Quantum Leap: Researchers build TensorFlow hardware for quantum computing.

Quantum computing has made great strides in recent years, though it still faces significant challenges. If and when it gets here, machine learning may be ready for it.
Illustration of a Halloween pumpkin covered in snow

AI Winter Sets In

Could the flood of hype for artificial intelligence lead to a catastrophic collapse in funding? AI will fail to deliver on promises inflated by businesses and researchers. Investors will migrate to greener pastures, and AI Winter will descend.

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