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Photos from Pie & AI meetup in Medellin, Colombia

Dear friends,

We ended a busy week in Colombia hosting a Pie & AI meetup in Medellín. I met hundreds of engineers and business professionals excited to take the next step in their AI careers. I was energized by the enthusiasm the Colombia community had for collaborating and for supporting each other to build up the local AI ecosystem. AI is still young enough that many cities can still become hubs of AI talent, but the city has to make smart investments, and the community has to work hard and keep learning, which Colombia is doing. I hope the future will bring many more global AI hubs.

I also drank a lot of coffee on this trip. I don’t know whether it was because the coffee really was fresher or if it was a placebo effect, but Colombian coffee tasted better in Colombia than when I drink it at home!

Keep learning,  



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