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ChatGPT for Big Biz: OpenAI launches ChatGPT Enterprise.

A new version of ChatGPT upgrades the service for corporate customers.

What’s new: OpenAI launched ChatGPT Enterprise, which combines enhanced data-privacy features with a more capable language model. The price is negotiable on a case-by-case basis, Bloomberg reported.

How it works: ChatGPT Enterprise provides enhanced access to GPT-4, previously available via ChatGPT Plus ($20 per month) and API calls at a cost per thousand tokens.

  • Customer inputs are encrypted. OpenAI will not use them as training data.
  • Access to the model is unlimited with a maximum input length, or context window, of 32,000 tokens. That's equal to the context window for paid API access and four times the length allowed by ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus.
  • A plugin enables users to execute unlimited amounts of Python code within the chatbot.
  • The program includes an unspecified number of free credits to use OpenAI’s APIs.
  • Individuals can share templates that make it possible to build common ChatGPT workflows.
  • A console enables administrators to control individual access.

Behind the news: OpenAI has metamorphosed from a nonprofit into a tech-biz phenomenon, but its business is still taking shape. For 2022, the company reported $540 million in losses on $28 million in revenue. It’s reportedly on track to bring in $1 billion this year, and ChatGPT Enterprise is bound to benefit from OpenAI’s high profile among business users: The email addresses of registered ChatGPT users represent 80 percent of the Fortune 500, according to the company.

Why it matters: Large language models are transforming from public experiments to mainstream productivity tools. ChatGPT Enterprise is a significant step in that transition, giving large companies the confidence they need to integrate GPT-4 into their day-to-day operations with less worry that OpenAI will ingest proprietary information.

We’re thinking: Some reporters have questioned the financial value of generative AI. While OpenAI’s business is evolving, this new line of business is promising. We anticipate that enterprise subscriptions will be stickier than API access, since customers’ switching costs are likely to be higher.


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