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Dear friends,

This week’s issue of The Batch is all about medical applications of AI.

Amid the current pandemic, the marriage of AI and medicine is more urgent than ever. My father is a practicing doctor, and I grew up seeing firsthand how the right care can save lives and reunite families. I’ve been privileged to participate in projects that applied deep learning to diagnosing chest X-rays, assisting with mental health, and interpreting electrocardiograms.

Despite significant research progress, there’s still a long way to go. Jumping into AI for medicine now is like jumping into AI for computer vision back in 2012.

For those who are ready to make the leap, is proud to introduce the AI for Medicine Specialization. This new series of courses will teach you the machine learning techniques you need to build a wide range of medical applications.

If you’re new to deep learning, start with the Deep Learning Specialization. But if you’ve completed the DLS, or if you have a working knowledge of deep learning and convolutional networks as well as intermediate Python skills, the AI For Medicine Specialization will unlock many opportunities to help solve important problems.

The world needs more AI people working on medicine. I hope you’ll consider being one of them.

Keep learning!



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