Horror and Heartbreak It's time for people of conscience to condemn Hamas’ attack on Israel.

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Dear friends,

Over the weekend, Hamas launched a surprise terrorist attack on Israel, slaughtering and kidnapping civilians. The images in the media are horrifying, and over 1,000 people have been murdered in Israel, including numerous children. Israel has retaliated by laying siege to and attacking the Gaza Strip.

The mounting civilian casualties in Israel and Palestine are heartbreaking. My heart goes out to all individuals, families, and communities affected by the violence.

While there is much to be said about rights and wrongs committed by all sides over the past 75 years, there is absolutely no excuse for deliberately targeting civilians or threatening to execute hostages. This is a time for all people of conscience to condemn these heinous acts. It is also time to call on everyone to respect human rights and the international rule of law. 

I hope the AI community can play a constructive role in preserving lives as well as promoting civil liberties and democracy. In this moment and in coming years, I hope we remain united as a community, keep pushing for human rights, and decry any violations thereof.



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