Building Your AI Career A Report by Workera

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Some results from AI Career Pathways report

Dear friends,

Many accomplished students and newly minted AI engineers ask me: How can I advance my career? Companies in many industries are building AI teams, but it may not be obvious how to join one of them.

Different companies organize their teams differently and use different terms to describe the same job. Even more confusing, job titles don’t correspond directly with common AI tasks like modeling and data engineering.

What positions are responsible for which tasks? What skills are recruiters looking for? Which opportunities are right for you?

Workera, a affiliate, interviewed over 100 leaders in machine learning and data science to answer these questions. They summarized their findings in a report called “AI Career Pathways: Put Yourself on the  Right Track.”

“AI Career Pathways” is designed to guide aspiring AI engineers in finding jobs and building a career. The table above shows Workera’s key findings about AI roles and the tasks they perform. You’ll find more insights like this in the free PDF.

I invite you to read Workera’s report and compare its findings with your own experience, talents, and skills. This will help you understand how AI teams work, what role might fit you best, and which skills you can develop to position yourself for a particular role. You can download it here.

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