Weather Predictions

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Different videoclips showing windmills
Weather Predictions

Wind in the Forecast: AI Tool Predicts Wind Turbine Energy Output

Machine learning is making wind power more predictable. Engie SA, a multinational energy utility based in France, is the first customer for an AI-powered tool from Google that predicts the energy output of wind farms.
Schematic of the model architecture showing the generator with spatial latent vectors
Weather Predictions

Weather Forecast by GAN: GAN improves short-term rainfall predictions.

A new deep learning technique increased the precision of short-term rainfall forecasts. Researchers developed the Deep Generative Model of Radar (DGMR) to predict amounts of precipitation up to two hours in advance.
Different images from NSF AI Institute
Weather Predictions

U.S. Proposes National AI Centers: U.S. proposes $180 million for AI research.

The White House called for new funding for AI research including a constellation of research centers. Nonetheless, the U.S. government’s annual spending on the technology still would lag behind that of several other...
Heat map of Europe
Weather Predictions

Extreme Weather Warning: Deep learning system helps predict extreme temperatures.

Severe heat waves and cold snaps are especially hard to forecast because atmospheric perturbations can have effects that are difficult to compute. Neural networks show promise where typical methods have stumbled.

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