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Few-shot Learning with a Universal Template (FLUTE)
Vector Institute

Pattern for Efficient Learning

Getting high accuracy out of a classifier trained on a small number of examples is tricky. You might train the model on several large-scale datasets prior to few-shot training, but what if the few-shot dataset includes novel classes? A new method performs well even in that case.
Data related to a system that purportedly identified breast cancer
Vector Institute

Pushing for Reproducible Research

Controversy erupted over the need for transparency in research into AI for medicine. Google Health introduced a system that purportedly identified breast cancer more accurately than human radiologists.
Replica of the video game Pac-Man generated by a GAN
Vector Institute

Playing With GANs

Generative adversarial networks don’t just produce pretty pictures. They can build world models, too. A GAN generated a fully functional replica of the classic video game Pac-Man.

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