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Animated flowcharts show how the ProtCNN AI model classifies proteins.
University of Cambridge

Protein Families Deciphered: Machine Learning Categorizes Proteins Based on Their Functions

Convolutional neural networks separate proteins into functional families without considering their shapes.
Different AI related news headlines
University of Cambridge

Investorbots: Too Good to Be True? Stock market AIs fail at real world investing.

Machine learning models aren’t likely to replace human stock-market analysts any time soon, a new study concluded. Researchers pinpointed key flaws in prior research into models that predict stock-market trends.
 Service oriented architecture (SOA) implementation of the Ride Allocation app
University of Cambridge

To Flow or Not to Flow: Building more efficient networked machine learning.

Networked software is often built using a service-oriented architecture, but networked machine learning applications may be easier to manage using a different programming style.

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