Text-to-Text Transformer (T5)

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A graph shows the cost in dollars of training large natural language processing models.
Text-to-Text Transformer (T5)

Who Can Afford to Train AI?: Cost of AI is Too Expensive for Many Small Companies

The cost of training top-performing machine learning models has grown beyond the reach of smaller companies.
Animations that shows how the Google Search Algorithm works with Multimodal AI
Text-to-Text Transformer (T5)

Search Goes Multimodal: Google Upgrades its Search Algorithm with Multimodal AI

Google will upgrade its search engine with a new model that tracks the relationships between words, images, and, in time, videos — the first fruit of its latest research into multimodal machine learning and multilingual language modeling.
Animation showing a AI's metaphorical transition to using green energy.
Text-to-Text Transformer (T5)

Greener Machine Learning: Here's how AI models can shrink their carbon footprints.

A new study suggests tactics for machine learning engineers to cut their carbon emissions. Led by David Patterson, researchers at Google and UC Berkeley found that AI developers can shrink a model’s carbon footprint a thousand-fold by streamlining architecture...

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