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Synthetic avatar created using the Synthesia demo

News You Can Misuse: Disinformation groups used AI to spread propaganda.

Political forces used a commercial AI service to generate deepfaked propaganda. Videos have appeared on social media that show AI-generated characters speaking against the United States or in favor of foreign governments. The clips feature synthetic avatars offered by the startup Synthesia.
Office with coworkers transformed into mythical creatures like vampires, ghosts and werewolves

Your Coworkers Aren’t Human: Confronting the Fear of a White Collar AI Takeover

The new remote administrative assistant is a little too perky, hardworking, and efficient. Is it because he’s a bot?
Contentedge screen video capture

Winning The Google Game: 14 Companies Using GPT-3 to Top SEO

AI startups are helping writers tailor articles that appear near the top of Google’s search results. At least 14 companies sell access to software that uses GPT-3, the language model from OpenAI, to generate headlines, product descriptions, blog posts, and video scripts.
Photorealistic talking head generated by Synthesia

Deepfakes Go Corporate: Syntheisa offers AI generated videos in 34 languages.

The same technology that has bedeviled Hollywood stars and roiled politics is easing corporate communications. Synthesia generates training and sales videos featuring photorealistic, synthetic talking heads that read personalized scripts in any of 34 languages.

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