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Finer Tuning: Surgical fine-tuning modifies layers based on data differences.
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Finer Tuning: Surgical fine-tuning modifies layers based on data differences.

Fine-tuning a neural network typically involves retraining every layer on new data. But research shows that networks may perform better when fine-tuning modifies only a subset of layers.
African startup Lelapa logo
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Repatriating Talent: Lelapa brings AI talent back to Africa.

A South African startup aims to lure talented engineers who left the continent to work abroad. Johannesburg research lab bills itself as a haven for African AI engineers who want to work on challenges that aren’t on Silicon Valley’s agenda.
Chart showing the mine supply, recycling and supply gap of different minerals' production from 2025 to 2050
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Digging for Green Tech: How KoBold Metals uses AI to find rare minerals

The metals needed to meet rocketing demand for electric cars and renewable power plants are in short supply. A startup is using machine learning to discover new sources.
Sequence showing how FIFA's Video Assisted Review (VAR) works
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The World Cup's AI Referee

The outcome of the FIFA World Cup 2022 depends on learning algorithms. The annual championship tournament of football, which wraps up this week, is using machine learning to help human arbiters spot players who break a rule that governs their locations on the field.
Charts showing benchmark on medium-sized datasets
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When Trees Outdo Neural Networks: Decision Trees Perform Best on Most Tabular Data

While neural networks perform well on image, text, and audio datasets, they fall behind decision trees and their variations for tabular datasets. New research looked into why.
Charts showing home price changes year over year and in quarters
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Does Price Optimization Hike Rents?: YieldStar AI Price Prediction May Inflate Rents

An algorithm that’s widely used to price property rentals may be helping to drive up rents in the United States. YieldStar, a price-prediction service offered by Texas-based analytics company RealPage, suggests rental rates that are often higher than the market average.
Excerpt from a video showing what Atarraya's Shrimpbox looks like
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Tanks for All the Fish: A Company is Growing Shrimp in AI-Controlled Shipping Containers

Farming shrimp in an open pond produces toxic effluent that can pollute groundwater and coastal waters. An AI-driven farm in a box may offer a more sustainable alternative.
Explanation of different models related to divisive issues in the US
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Pushing Voters' Buttons: How AI is Used to Create Persuasive Political Ads

As the United States (along with several other countries) gears up for general elections, AI is helping campaigns attract voters with increasing sophistication.
Dozens of toxic barrels on a road and a witch behind
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Foundations of Evil: The Fear of Weapons of Mass Destruction Designed by AI

A growing number of AI models can be put to purposes their designers didn’t envision. Does that include heinous deeds?
Series of images showing different AI tools for farmers
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Smarts for Farms: Microsoft Open Sources AI Systems for Agriculture

The next green revolution may be happening in the server room. Microsoft open-sourced a set of AI tools designed to help farmers cut costs and improve yields.
List of AI tools used to improve fast food services
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Food Forecaster: Chipotle Tests AI For Predicting Customer Demand

The ability to predict customer demand could make fast food even faster. The Mexican-themed Chipotle restaurant chain is testing AI tools that forecast demand, monitor ingredients, and ensure that workers fill orders correctly.
Illustrations show how the New York Times' AI-powered paywall works.
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Reading Readers: Inside The New York Times' AI-Powered Paywall

A smart news paywall is optimizing subscriptions without driving away casual readers by showing them subscription pop-ups.
Bees pollinating flowers
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Protection for Pollinators: AI Could Help Create Pesticides That Don’t Kill Bees

A machine learning method could help chemists formulate pesticides that target harmful insects but leave bees alone. Researchers at Oregon State University developed models that classify whether or not a chemical is fatally toxic to bees.
Autonomous research ship in the ocean
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AI AI, Captain! Mayflower AI Ship Crosses the Atlantic Ocean

An autonomous research ship crossed the Atlantic Ocean — with a few pit stops to address challenges along the way. Built by IBM and marine research nonprofit ProMare, the Mayflower Autonomous Ship 400 (MAS400) last week completed a voyage from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Graph Transformer with positional encoding
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A Transformer for Graphs: New Method for Processing Graph Data with Transformers

Transformers can learn a lot from sequential data like words in a book, but they’ve shown limited ability to learn from data in the form of a graph. A new transformer variant gives graphs due attention.
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