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Illustration of an elf workshop creating a red toy car from a description (channeling AI generated images)
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Synthetic Images Everywhere: 2022 was the year text-to-image AI went mainstream.

Pictures produced by AI went viral, stirred controversies, and drove investments. A new generation of text-to-image generators inspired a flood of experimentation, transforming text descriptions into mesmerizing artworks and photorealistic fantasies.
Screen capture of question in DeviantArt about consent of the use of artwork by AI datasets
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Creatives Fight Back: Generative AI from DeviantArt Creates Controversy

Artists are rebelling against AI-driven imitation. DeviantArt, an online community where artists display and sell their work and marketplace for digital art, launched DreamUp, a text-to-image generator that aims to help artists thwart attempts to imitate their styles or works.
Captures from PromptBase
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Prompting DALL·E for Fun and Profit: A marketplace for phrases that produce art in DALL·E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion

An online marketplace enables people to buy text prompts designed to produce consistent output from the new generation of text-to-image generators.

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