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A person's hand grabbing a handful of AI chips arranged on a table

Restricted Chips Slip Through: Loopholes help Chinese companies get U.S. chips.

Chinese companies have found loopholes to sidestep United States limits on AI chips. Facing severe limits on U.S. exports of high-performance chips, Chinese AI firms are purchasing them through subsidiaries and using them through cloud services, the Financial Times reported.
Face recognition system working on a person entering a building

Who Has the Best Face Recognition? U.S. Government Agency Ranks the Best Face Recognition Systems

Face recognition algorithms have come under scrutiny for misidentifying individuals. A U.S. government agency tested over 1,000 of them to see which are the most reliable.
Method overview of model that makes a person on video appear to speak words from a separate audio recording

Guest Speaker: Deepfake method syncs up mouth movements with words.

Deepfake videos in which one person appears to speak another’s words have appeared in entertainment, advertising, and politics. New research ups the ante for an application that enables new forms of both creative expression and
Collage with photos of people's faces

Public Access, Private Faces

One of the largest open datasets for training face recognition systems has its roots in a popular photo-sharing service. Companies that have used this data could find themselves liable for millions in legal recompense.

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