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Algorithm Investigators: All about the EU's new Centre for Algorithmic Transparency
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Algorithm Investigators: All about the EU's new Centre for Algorithmic Transparency

A new regulatory body created by the European Union promises to peer inside the black boxes that drive social media recommendations. The European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency (ECAT) will study the algorithms that identify, categorize...
Security cameras somewhere around the Red Square in Moscow, Russia
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From Pandemic to Panopticon: How Russia is using face recognition to punish dissidents.

Governments are repurposing Covid-focused face recognition systems as tools of repression. Russia’s internal security forces are using Moscow’s visual surveillance system, initially meant to help enforce pandemic-era restrictions, to crack down on anti-government...
Excerpts from NIST AI Risk Management Framework
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Guidelines for Managing AI Risk: NIST released its AI Risk Management Framework.

The United States government published guidelines designed to help organizations limit harm from AI. The National Institute for Standards and Technology, which recommends technological standards in a variety of industries, released the initial version of its AI Risk Management Framework.
AI-generated images of legal trials taking place in courtrooms
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Generative AI on Trial: Artists file a lawsuit against Stability AI and Midjourney.

Models that generate text and images are raising thorny questions about the ownership of both their training data and their output. The companies that provide popular tools for generating text and images are fighting a barrage of lawsuits. TechCrunch surveyed the docket.
Different examples of Shutterstock's AI-powered image generator and a coin on the right side
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An Image Generator That Pays Artists: Shutterstock's new generative AI tool will pay artists.

A top supplier of stock images will compensate artists who contribute training data to its image-generation service.
World map with all countries covered in words except China
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Regulators Target Deepfakes: China's new law limits AI-generated media.

China’s internet watchdog issued new rules that govern synthetic media. Legislation from the Cyberspace Administration of China limits the use of AI to create or edit text, audio, video, images, and 3D digital renderings. The law took effect on January 10.
Alon Halevy next to a big computer screen
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Alon Halevy: Facebook AI director Alon Halevy envisions your personal data timeline

The important question of how companies and organizations use our data has received a lot of attention in the technology and policy communities. An equally important question that deserves more focus in 2023 is how...
Billboards displayed in different spaces and dashboard with data related to a billboard performance
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Billboards Are Watching: Billboards Target Ads using Face Recognition and AI

AI-driven signs are deciding what to display based on data harvested from passersby. Companies that sell advertising in public spaces use face analysis and personal data to match ads with potential viewers in real time.
Screen capture of question in DeviantArt about consent of the use of artwork by AI datasets
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Creatives Fight Back: Generative AI from DeviantArt Creates Controversy

Artists are rebelling against AI-driven imitation. DeviantArt, an online community where artists display and sell their work and marketplace for digital art, launched DreamUp, a text-to-image generator that aims to help artists thwart attempts to imitate their styles or works.
A series of screen captures from the Social Sentinel platform
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When Safety Becomes Surveillance: Colleges Track Students Using AI Designed to Monitor Mental Health

United States colleges tracked activists using a natural language processing system intended to monitor their mental health.
Explanation of different models related to divisive issues in the US
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Pushing Voters' Buttons: How AI is Used to Create Persuasive Political Ads

As the United States (along with several other countries) gears up for general elections, AI is helping campaigns attract voters with increasing sophistication.
US map with locations of Planned Parenthood
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When Data = Danger: Consumer Behavior App Removes Planned Parenthood Data

Amid rising social tension in the United States over reproductive freedom, a company that analyzes location data on abortion clinics stopped distributing its findings after a critical press report.
Yoav Shoham
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Yoav Shoham: Language models that reason

I believe that natural language processing in 2022 will re-embrace symbolic reasoning, harmonizing it with the statistical operation of modern neural networks. Let me explain what I mean by this.
Abeba Birhane
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Abeba Birhane: Clean up web datasets

From language to vision models, deep neural networks are marked by improved performance, higher efficiency, and better generalizations. Yet, these systems are also marked by perpetuation of bias and injustice.
Giant snowman taking over the city while helicopters try to take it down
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Governments Lay Down the Law: Governments around the world increasingly regulate AI.

Legislators worldwide wrote new laws — some proposed, some enacted — to rein in societal impacts of automation.What happened: Authorities at all levels ratcheted up regulatory pressure as

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