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Screenshot of a pedestrian detector
Peking University

Seeing Darker-Skinned Pedestrians: Children and people with darker skin face higher street risks with object detectors, research finds.

In a study, models used to detect people walking on streets and sidewalks performed less well on adults with darker skin and children of all skin tones.
Different examples of FaceShifter working on peoples' portraits
Peking University

Trading Faces: FaceShifter swaps faces obscured by objects.

AI’s ability to transfer a person’s face from a source photo onto someone in a target photo doesn’t work so well when the target face is partially obscured by, say, eyeglasses, a veil, or a hand. A new technique handles such occlusions.
An illustration of filter pruning
Peking University

High Accuracy, Low Compute

As neural networks have become more accurate, they’ve also ballooned in size and computational cost. That makes many state-of-the-art models impractical to run on phones and potentially smaller, less powerful devices.

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