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Figure showing how PaLM-E operates on multimodal sentences

This Language Model Speaks Robot: PaLM-E, the model that improves robot control with large language model expertise

A pretrained large language model has helped a robot resolve high-level commands into sequences of subtasks. It can do this more precisely with additional training — both on language-vision tasks and robotics tasks. 
Godzilla with the Google logo and Kong with the Microsoft logo, fighting

Search War!: Google and Microsoft both announce AI-Powered search.

The long-dormant struggle to dominate the web-search business reignited in a display of AI-driven firepower — and hubris. Google and Microsoft announced competing upgrades powered by the latest generation of chatbots. Baidu, too, flexed its natural-language-processing muscles.
Illustration of a person shoveling snow with the help of a flamethrower

Language Models, Extended: Large language models grew more reliable and less biased in 2022.

Researchers pushed the boundaries of language models to address persistent problems of trustworthiness, bias, and updatability.
Robot with an arm, camera, and gripper handing over a plastic bottle to a person

Parsing Commands Into Actions: NLP Helps Google Robot Understand Spoken Instructions

A new method enables robots to respond helpfully to verbal commands by pairing a natural language model with a repertoire of existing skills.

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