Feb 09, 2022

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Neural network with a heart icon
Feb 09, 2022

The Batch: AlphaCode Beats Human Coders, Driving a Forklift In Pajamas, Facebook's New AI Cluster, Does Better Pretraining Yield Better Fine-Tuning?

I tested positive for Covid on Monday and mentioned this on social media. I’m grateful to the many people who wished me well. Reading your messages made me feel better. My unscientific feeling is that they helped clear my nose a bit!
Diagram with info about AlphaCode
Feb 09, 2022

Competitive Coder: AI code writing system can compete alongside humans.

Programming is hard. Programming competitions are harder. Yet transformers proved themselves up to the task.
AI Research SuperCluster (RSC)
Feb 09, 2022

New Supercomputer on the Block: All about Meta's AI Research Supercluster

Facebook’s parent company is staking its future on a new compute cluster. Meta unveiled AI Research SuperCluster (RSC), which is designed to accelerate training of large models for applications like computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition.
The performance of different downstream (DS)
Feb 09, 2022

The Limits of Pretraining: More pretraining doesn't guarantee a better fine-tuned AI.

The higher the accuracy of a pretrained model, the better its performance after fine-tuning, right? Not necessarily. Researchers conducted a meta-analysis of image-recognition experiments and performed some of their own.
Transport of stock on warehouse
Feb 09, 2022

No Hardhat Required: How AI powered robots are navigating warehouses.

Workers can operate a forklift in their pajamas and never leave their bedrooms, thanks to a new generation of AI-assisted robots. Companies are pairing semi-autonomous vehicles with remote human operators to execute tasks that the vehicles can’t handle on their own.

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