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Multimodal deep learning model
Faster R-CNN

AI Versus the Garbage Heap: How Amazon uses AI to cut waste.

Amazon reported long-term success using machine learning to shrink its environmental footprint. The online retailer developed a system that fuses product descriptions, images, and structured data to decide how an item should be packed for shipping.
Images and data related to a t-shirt that tricks a variety of object detection models into failing to spot people
Faster R-CNN

Hidden in Plain Sight: Researchers make clothes that fool face recognition.

With the rise of AI-driven surveillance, anonymity is in fashion. Researchers are working on clothing that evades face recognition systems and designed a t-shirt that tricks a variety of object detection models into failing to spot people.
Examples of detection of animals in images using Detection Transformer (DETR).
Faster R-CNN

Computer Vision Transformed: Google's Detection Transformer (DETR) for object detection

The transformer architecture that has shaken up natural language processing may replace recurrent layers in object detection networks. A Facebook team led by Nicolas Carion and Francisco Massa simplified object detection pipelines by using transformers, yielding Detection Transformer (DETR).
Illustration of a broken heart with a smirk in the middle
Faster R-CNN

Outing Hidden Hatred: How Facebook built a hate speech detector

Facebook uses automated systems to block hate speech, but hateful posts can slip through when seemingly benign words and pictures combine to create a nasty message. The social network is tackling this problem by enhancing AI’s ability to recognize context.
Excerpts from Newspaper Navigator
Faster R-CNN

An Archive Unearthed: Newspaper Navigator indexes visual elements in archival text.

An algorithm indexed photos, ads, and other images embedded in 170 years of American newspapers. Created by researchers at the University of Washington and U.S. Library of Congress, Newspaper Navigator uses object recognition to organize visual features of newspapers dating back to 1789.

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