Diffusion Models

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Outline of the text-embedding and inversion process.
Diffusion Models

Precision-Guided Image Generation: Better text-to-image results with latent diffusion

Typical text-to-image generators can generate pictures of a cat, but not your cat. That’s because it’s hard to describe in a text prompt precisely all the things that distinguish your pet from other members of the same species.
Examples of Dall-E searches
Diffusion Models

DALL·E 2’s Emergent Vocabulary: DALL-E 2 Invents its Own Words and Concepts

OpenAI’s text-to-image generator DALL·E 2 produces pictures with uncanny creativity on demand. Has it invented its own language as well? Ask DALL·E 2 to generate an image that includes text, and often its output will include seemingly random characters.
AI generated images with different descriptions
Diffusion Models

More Realistic Pictures From Text: How the Glide Diffusion Model Generates Images from Text

OpenAI’s DALL·E got an upgrade that takes in text descriptions and produces images in styles from hand-drawn to photorealistic. The new version is a rewrite from the ground up. It uses the earlier CLIP zero-shot image classifier to represent text descriptions.

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