Conditional Generative Adversatial Networks (cGANs)

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Stock Market Simulation using cGANs
Conditional Generative Adversatial Networks (cGANs)

Stock-Trading Test Bed

If you buy or sell stocks, it’s handy to test your strategy before you put real money at risk. Researchers devised a fresh approach to simulating market behavior.
3 min read
DeepPrivacy results on a diverse set of images
Conditional Generative Adversatial Networks (cGANs)

Anonymous Faces

A number of countries restrict commercial use of personal data without consent unless they’re fully anonymized. A new paper proposes a way to anonymize images of faces, purportedly without degrading their usefulness in applications that rely on face recognition.
2 min read
Animation showing how players on the opposing team likely would move in response to human-drafted plays
Conditional Generative Adversatial Networks (cGANs)

Nothing but (Neural) Net

Basketball coaches sketch plays on a whiteboard to help players get the ball through the net. A new AI model predicts how opponents would respond to these tactics. A team of researchers in Taiwan trained a conditional generative adversarial network on data from National Basketball Association games.
1 min read

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