Staying Connected Amid the Pandemic

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Dear friends,

I recently received an email from one of you who lives far from the major AI hubs, saying, “I feel like I’m all alone.”

I want to tell you all: Even if it sometimes feels like you’re facing the challenges of work and life in isolation, you are not alone! I am here for you, and all of us are in this together. Most software engineers are working from home and connecting digitally with colleagues, mentors, and friends. In this time of social distancing, the AI community has the potential to come out even stronger and more tightly knit.

There are many ways to regain a feeling of connection with your peers. I invite you to join our virtual Pie & AI events. Read and reply on a Coursera forum, or discuss your ideas on Reddit or Twitter. Send a message to a favorite researcher asking questions about their work. Poke around open source projects to see what you can contribute.

Some of my teams are split across the U.S. and Colombia. Ironically, sheltering in place has brought them closer, because now it’s exactly as convenient for a U.S. team member to communicate with one in Columbia as one in the U.S. The playing field has leveled.

Let’s all keep finding ways to connect and help each other through this time.

Keep learning!



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