Robots to Hollywood — Call My Agent A talent agency specializes in automated actors.

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Video of Ai-gen-cy, an artist management firm that represents robots

Seeking a robot star for your movie, music video, or bat mitzvah? You need a new breed of talent scout.

What’s new: Ai-gen-cy is an artist management firm that exclusively represents robots, reports GeekWire. This video explains.

How it works: Seattle-based entrepreneurs Forest Gibson and Jared Cheshier believe that movie directors and event producers want to feature automatons but are put off by their diva-like needs: programmers, on-site technicians, and handle-with-care transportation. Ai-gen-cy aims to supply mechanical talent along with logistical and technical support.

  • The company currently represents two robots: a pair of Boston Dynamics’ four-legged Spots. Gibson told The Batch it also owns two remote-controlled bots that support filming: a DJI RoboMaster and a Skydio 2 drone.
  • The two partners train their stable to perform new behaviors in a simulated environment. They’re also exploring voice synthesis to boost their clients’ charisma.
  • Ai-gen-cy had booked appearances for its robots ahead of its launch last week, but cancelled them due to Covid-19.

Behind the news: Gibson and Cheshier gained experience presenting robots on-screen in 2012, when they collaborated on a music video that set simulated footage of Nasa’s Curiosity rover to an electronic beat.

Why it matters: Anything that puts more robots in movies is fine by us.

We’re thinking: Tabloid coverage of robot superstars’ off-screen escapades should be interesting.


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