DeepLearning.AI Opens Medellin Office

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Andrew Ng with a group of engineers in Medellin, Colombia

Dear friends,

I am writing to you from Colombia today, and am excited to announce the opening of our office in Medellín. The office will serve as the Latin American headquarters for three of the companies in our AI ecosystem: Landing AI,, and AI Fund.

AI is still in its infancy. Although Silicon Valley and Beijing are currently leading the way in AI, with the UK and Canada also emerging as innovation hubs, there are still opportunities for every major country. Colombia is on a trajectory to become a hub of AI in Latin America.

I am proud to bet on Colombia and support the growth of the Colombian AI community and the broader Latin American AI community. You can find additional details here or in Frederic Lardinois’ TechCrunch article.

Keep learning!  



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