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Board game with books and neural networks over it

Dear friends,

Every day, I’m inspired by the efforts of you who take our courses, gain technical skills, find jobs, or build things that I never would have imagined. To each one of you who is learning about and building AI, thank you. The world needs more people like you!

The DeepLearning.AI blog highlights a few individuals who have made their way into the field. Each post describes one person’s path to building an AI career: their struggles, breakthroughs, and career tips. Perhaps someday we'll highlight your story as well!

Despite these successes and many others, the AI community still has a lot of room to grow. Even though we’ve collectively built amazing systems — web search engines, smart speakers, self-driving cars — every time I speak with any CEO, government leader, or academic official, I become aware of valuable AI projects that no one is working on because there are simply too few of us. For the world to reap the bounty of AI, the community of AI developers needs to grow much larger.

To that end, in this special issue of The Batch, we offer a set of articles designed to help people who are wondering how to take the next step forward. I hope you’ll find them useful whether you’re debating whether to take your first course, starting to look for a job, or aiming to advance an established career.

I still find building AI systems to be the most fun thing I can imagine doing professionally, and I hope you will, too! Wherever you are in your AI journey, let’s take the next step together.

Keep learning,



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