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Andrew Ng holding a cup, small christmas tree behind

Dear friends,

Every year for the past decade, I flew to Singapore or Hong Kong to celebrate my mother’s birthday with her on December 22. This year, for the first time, we did it via Zoom. Despite the distance, I was warmed that my family could gather from the U.S., Singapore, Honk Kong, and New Zealand and sing a poorly synchronized “Happy Birthday To You.”

I wish I could also be on a Zoom call with each of you to personally wish you happy holidays and an even happier new year!

Over the holidays, I often think through the list of important people in my life, recall what they’ve done for me or others, and quietly acknowledge my gratitude to them. This makes me feel more connected to them. Perhaps you’ll find it valuable to think about this, too, during the socially distanced holiday that many of us will have: Who are the important people in your life, and what reasons might you have to be grateful to them?

Whether in-person or online, I hope you’ll find ways to nurture your most important relationships over this holiday season.

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