Mud Pump Crosshead Assembly Made in China  


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07/05/2019 5:47 pm  
The crosshead and mud pump crosshead guide plates are made of ASTM a48-83 cast iron with good wear resistance and long service life.F-800 and f-1000 mud pumps adopt upper and lower guide plate structure, and the concentricity can be adjusted by adding gaskets at the lower guide plate.F-500 mud pump is a guide tube structure, crosshead and the middle tie rod between the pin hole with flange bolt connection.This rigid connection method ensures the concentricity between the middle tie rod and the crosshead.
Guide Plate is the main accessories in mud pump fluid end system. It use 35CrMo.forged by the processing. Our company produces high precision nickel-plated, with good wear resistance and corrosion resistance also.
We also produce  other  kinds of mud pump parts such as Crosshead, Crosshead pin, Crosshead extension rod, Cylinder cover, Cylinder cover flange, Cylinder liner flange, Cylinder head plug,  Liner wear ring, Discharge filter screen, Piston draw rod, End cover, Stuffing box, Clamp assembly, Ejector, Spacer, Guide plate, Valve cover, Crankshaft, Pinion shaft, JA-3 Relief Valve, etc.Mud Pump Crosshead Assembly Made in China

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