in Ai times, so it'...

in Ai times, so it's there any solutions to act auto analysis?  


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19/09/2018 6:09 am  

i'm a data analysis, and this question have confused me some days.

i dont sure is there any solutions to solve it use machine learning or mining or deep learning.

during the daily work , we often met such questions ,

for e,g. yesterday the orders decline 1million, and we have lots of dimensions to analyse it , such area\product type\channel\fees\weather and others, so how to determine which one dimension was the most important dimension that driven the decline.


and i 've tryed use the decision tree with std. replace the shannon gain value, however , the results was maybe determined by the scale and the keys number of the dimension.


so i wander is there any other suggestion about such confuse, i try to act auto analyse thus task.


Mo Rebaie
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10/04/2019 6:44 am  


try to use the multi-linear regression, basically it predicts the value of an dependent variable based on the value of two or more other independent variables, also multiple regression allows you to observe the impact of all independent variables on the dependent variable, so that you can clearly detect the most impactful independent variable.

In this case you consider all of the dimensions as an independent variables (x1, x2, x3...), and the orders as a dependent variable (y).



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