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China 25MM Blackbird Disposable Rubber Tattoo Tubes suppliers Our History
Redtop Tattoo Supply is one of the first tattoo manufacturer and supplier in China, founded in 2007. Integrating R&D, production and sales. Providing all of Professional Tattoo Supplies,  strive to deliver high quality products, excellent customer service, and fast reliable delivery service with very competitive price.
Our Factory
With 11 years experience and development, Redtop tattoo supply has grown into a premium Chinese supplier, focus on quality, communication and customer satisfaction. Over 10 000 square New factory building completed in July 2018,with standard dust-free workshop, large warehouse,comfortable office and new production equipment. The company has a stable, united, intelligent and prosperous management team, more than 50 employees, trained and reserved a large number of outstanding technical talents . Management system upgraded by storage standard, delivery standard, production standard and QC standard.
Our Product
Tattoo machines, hummingbird tattoo tubes, blackbird tattoo tubes, disposable tattoo tips, Hurricane tattoo power supply, foot pedals, clip cords, tattoo needles, spark tattoo needle cartridge, permanent makeup machine, tattoo accessories and piercing products etc.
Product Application
Redtop were still supply the goods all over the world,  98% of our products are exported to North and South America, Europe, Asian, Africa and Australia. All products are in compliance with international quality standards.
Our Certificate
CE, ISO9001, hummingbird patent, Spark Patent, Hurricane tattoo power supply patent.
Production Equipment
Production equipment: more than 10sets.
Production Market
According to sales, 21% are from North America, South America 20%, Europe 30%, Asian 26%, others 3%.
Our service
Redtop Tattoo Supply are still supply goods with more competitive price than other tattoo supplier
A full sales team to service customer from inquiry to after sales.
All of products are strictly tested by our QC more than 3 times to ensure all the goods is best quantity and packed well before shipping.
We have long term business relationship with DHL, TNT, FedEx, EMS, UPS, most competitive freight can be offered.
We'll offer tracking No. after send the goods and follow up until goods reach your place.
As a professional manufacturer of permanent makeup and tattoo products for more than 13 years, we'll try to do more and help you grow your business fasterChina 25MM Blackbird Disposable Rubber Tattoo Tubes suppliers

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