Pie & AI Ambassador Spotlight 2023: Meet the Leaders Building a Network of Global AI Hubs

DeepLearning.AI 2023 Pie & AI Ambassador Spotlight. Photos of Godwin France (Accra, Ghana), Tarun R Jain (Bengaluru, India), Markey Tan (Shenzhen, China), George V Scripcariu (Bucharest, Romania), Shilpi Agarwal (Silicon Valley, USA), Cheng Zhang (Winnipeg, Canada), Dmitriy Starson (Menlo Park, USA), Armielyn Obinguar (Manila, Philippines).

Being an AI builder is more than a job. It’s more than taking courses. It’s more than reading papers, doing projects, and deploying models. It’s also about being part of a global community. 

In fact, we would argue that the growing community is what makes being an AI builder so great. 

But any community is only as strong as its leaders. That is why, three years ago, DeepLearning.AI launched the Pie & AI Event Ambassador program for anyone who is passionate about transforming their city into an AI hub. In addition to acting as mentors for their local AI scene, ambassadors are responsible for organizing Pie & AI meetings — moderated discussions with experts, followed by Q&As and mingling. Attendees gain knowledge, discuss ideas, help one another be more successful, and – this is crucial –  eat pie.

Today, September 14th, marks the 4th anniversary of our first ambassador-led Pie & AI event.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of our ambassadors on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and our blog (where you can also read ambassador spotlights from previous years). We can’t wait to introduce you to these outstanding community leaders. Who knows? Their stories might even inspire you to become an ambassador and start hosting events in your city!

Pie & AI Frequently Asked Questions

Is this your first time hearing about Pie & AI? Or maybe you’re familiar with the concept, but haven’t ever attended an event. Keep reading for answers to all your Pie & AI-related questions.

What is Pie & AI?

Pie & AI is a DeepLearning.AI event series hosted independently by our global community. Pie & AI ambassadors have hosted over 700 events all around the world in 61 different countries. Each event covers a different topic within AI, and includes a moderated talk followed by networking and refreshments.

How do I learn about upcoming events?

You can get updates about upcoming Pie & AI events by signing up for our newsletter, following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, or signing up for updates on our events page.

What experience level should I be in order to attend? 

Pie & AI events are designed to appeal to people at every stage of their AI journey. Here are just a few of the Pie & AI events that have happened recently:

Breaking into AI in Healthcare in Bangalore

Natural Language Processing for Space Missions in Darmstadt

Let’s Walk the Talk: Responsible AI in Action! in Suisse

Can I attend Pie & AI events in person?

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our events were in-person and streamed live. During the pandemic, streamed Pie & AI events became the norm. As vaccination rates increase and restrictions ease in many places, many Pie & AI ambassadors have opted to resume in-person meetings. Please check the events page for the meeting you are interested in attending to confirm whether in-person attendance is possible.

Are Pie & AI Events Streamed?

Many Pie & AI events are streamed, but the decision is up to the ambassador. Further, each ambassador decides which streaming service they will use: Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, etc. Check the listing for any event to get the streaming information.

Pie&AI event attendees talking and grabbing snacks.

Pie & AI by the numbers

  • • Total events: 680 (as of Sept 14, 2023)
  • • Total ambassadors: 280+
  • • Total Pie & AI cities: 170+
  • • Total attendees (estimated): 71,600+
  • • Continent with the most Pie & AI ambassadors: Asia

Five pies arranged on a table during a Pie & AI event.