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The lpg filling station consists of two parts: the production area and the auxiliary area.
The production area is the area where LPG operation is carried out, including lpg receiving facilities, lpg gas storage tanks, pump and compressor rooms, instrument rooms, bottle filling workshops, bottle storage, car tank garages and truck loading and unloading sites.
The auxiliary area consists of auxiliary production facilities and living facilities, including substation distribution room, instrument room, air compressor room, fire pump room, pool, repair room,office and living room,etc.
The production area of lpg filling station is a Class A fire danger zone, fireworks are strictly prohibited, and all electrical equipment is explosion-proof.
The production area and the auxiliary area are separated by a physical wall.
Our company can offer Integrating design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, acceptance, operation and technical support into one overall solution with one-stop service. If interested, please kindly contact us soon.

1. Q: Can you give us a quotation right now?
A: Our products are all different and special. Please give us detailed technical data.
Then we will make a design and quotation for you ASAP.
2. Q: What is your MOQ?
A: 1 piece/set.  
3.Q:Can you accept a special order?
A: Yes, we can. We can manufacture kinds of pressure vessels according to your technical drawings.   
4. Q:What service can I get from you?
A: We can offer complete solutions integrated with design, manufacturing, installation, inspection and maintenance at competitive prices. And We provide lifelong tracking service and one year free warranty for all of our products. we also provide training and technical support to guide you install and commission your product.  LPG Station factory

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