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11/03/2019 7:40 pm  

Hi, my name is Daniel and I'm an LA based data science consultant, author, educator and journalist. I'm completely entrenched in the data science field, and I'm having a great time! Recently, I'm scheduled to teach a course "Introduction to Data Science" for UCLA Extension for Spring 2019 quarter. I took the first iteration of the specialization series and I found the courses fascinating. I also took Dr. Ng's first every Machine Learning class through Coursera in 2012.



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19/03/2019 9:54 am  

Hey! I like AI too. I'm trying to collect a lot of theoretical info about it and I want to share with other. Hope my blog will be useful for you.

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20/03/2019 5:44 am  

Hi All,

I am Emeirus Professor of Finance at Dubai Business School at University of Dubai. I got interested in AI after I read Paul McNelis, D. (2005)'s "Neural Networks in Finance: Gaining Predictive Edge in the Market" chapter 1-8, Elsevier Academic Press, London. I found NN as an anlternative to econometric model for solving finance problems

I assisted 2 PhD students in 2018 in their thesis by applying NN on (1) Insurance Problem (2) Pedicting post-impact of 2008 Bailouts on banks furing financial crisise.

The first paper is published after 4 revisions in Managerial Finance which can be accessed by interested members in NN by accessing the following link:

Sanjay Tolani, Ananth Rao, Genanew B. Worku, Mohamed Osman, (2019) "System and neural
network analysis of intent to buy and willingness to pay insurance premium", Managerial Finance, Vol.
45 Issue: 1, pp.147-168,  

The second research work is under review by the journal publishers.

I found the NN alternative superior to econometric models due to its flexibility, no assumptions unlike Econometric Model. I also like the analogy of NN to behavioral finance as it captures irrational behavior of investors nicely.

Now I am working on alternative  NN-DP specifications using open source WEKA. I found it very valuable. But I am finding it difficult to run on my Surface pro. If some one can assist in my endeavor, I will be grateful.

I got interested in this AI for everyone course which I just compelted today since I wanted to know the basics of AI and various terminologies and limitations of AI. 

Hope to continue to be in tpouch with forum members as I go along to get solutions through my AI applied research to finance problems.

Prof. Ananth Rao


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20/03/2019 12:04 pm  


I'm Richa, from India, currently based in London, UK. I work as an Associate Consultant at Cloudera, UK. I have recently completed my MSc degree in Data Science, and I could not be more excited about the community! During my degree program, I learnt a lot about Machine Learning and Deep learning. I was fortunate enough to have experienced what it's like to apply deep learning to real world problems. I did a bunch of projects in NLP and Time Series areas. One of my proudest achievements was being able to successfully build a Neural Machine Translation model. That piece of work is very special to me, personally. I had amazing professors at the University of Southampton, UK. To back them up, I had Professor NG, just like all of us! 🙂 I have to say, in 28 years of my academic and professional career, I haven't come across a teacher as good as this man! I'm immensely inspired by the work he does for the AI community, and how he has trained budding Machine Learners worldwide! It would be a dream to meet him, someday! 🙂

Kind regards,
Richa Ranjan
(One of Professor NG's millions Padawans) 😉

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