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The Forums enhance and connect our vibrant, educational, and tight-knit community. All members have a responsibility to stick to and remind each other of the following guidelines:


  • Respect each other: The AI community is an incredibly global and diverse group. Let’s celebrate our enthusiasm for AI and respect each other’s religious, political, ethnic, or gender identity backgrounds.
  • Criticize the message, not the member: We welcome disagreement if it’s productive. But if you disagree, dispute the content, not the writer. We won’t tolerate any personal attacks, insults, or threats to another member.
  • No spam: Keep the forum content high quality and AI-related.
  • No NSFW content. If it would be filtered out by an AI-powered Safe Search engine, don’t post it here.
  • Post content in relevant threads only: Help keep the forums organized so that members can find your incredible post that much faster.
  • No illegal content: Plagiarism, copyrights, and proprietary corporate policies apply to this forum. If you didn’t create it, cite it. Check your company’s policy on the amount of project detail that can be shared before you post it.
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Question: Is the Like button here a Facebook Like?   I don't want Facebook involved with me.  Thank you for explanation.

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