Is there going to b...

Is there going to be any more advanced course?  


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02/07/2019 1:19 am  


Although the TensorFlow specialization course is a great start, it might be challenging to implement the models from scientific articles with skills gained throughout TensorFlow specialization.

I believe many students would find some more advanced course helpful. For example, a walkthrough of YOLO or SSD implementation in which custom head and cost function would be explained in more details and the implementation of data generator for semantic segmentation (in which target variables are also transformed, depending on input transformations) would be very helpful.


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19/07/2019 8:19 am  

Hello nikogamulin, agreed!

This specialization is excellent to start implementing DL projects with Tensorflow, it's well designed and easy to understand, indeed it's helpful to learn more about certain algorithms (object detection, text generation..) before starting a new project.



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