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Developing Speech Recognition for my mother language  

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13/05/2019 6:46 am  

I am enthusiastic to develop a state-of-the-art speech recognition app for my own language! How difficult would it be for me to start from scratch? Would you please provide me some assistance in doing so? 

Thank you!

Mo Rebaie
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14/05/2019 4:21 am  

Hello Michock,

you need to have some technical skills in Deep Learning to implement it from scratch,

I suggest taking the Sequence Models course (5th course in the DL Specialization at coursera) taught by Andrew Ng.


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15/05/2019 1:36 am  

Hi Mo,
Thank you for your response,
I am attending Andrew Ng DL specialization course, I will start the fourth course next week followed by Sequence models course!

Meanwhile, I am reading some research papers on how to develop speech recognition (specifically, Deep Speech  and Deep speech 2 papers by Andrew).
I am thinking to use transfer learning mainly if I get full source of Andrew's App!

Are telling me that I will figure out the possibility of developing my own speech recognition having taken the Sequence model course?


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