The DeepLearning.AI Community Programs

The DeepLearning.AI community forum is a diverse group of people from all over the world who are interested in learning all things AI. Join us in shaping the future of learning and make a lasting impact on the lives of others by becoming a community leader.

Roles in our Community:

In the DeepLearning.AI community, we have many roles that contribute towards the community to make it the best experience for all people involved. Here are some programs that anyone can apply to.


Volunteer member of our community who helps and guides learners with course, lab and homework questions.
As a mentor, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Become a Mentor!


Volunteer member of our community that reviews and tests courses that are currently being created.

As a tester, you’ll have the opportunity to:

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A Volunteer member who will monitor and uphold all DeepLearning.AI community policies.

As a moderator, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Oversee user engagement on the community platform to encourage discussions and re-direct conversations to the correct category.

Become a Moderator!

Pie & AI Ambassador:

Pie & AI Ambassadors are community members who are passionate about educating others about deep learning. They host local events where people can come together to learn from AI leaders, participate in thought-provoking discussions, network with other AI enthusiasts, practice hands-on projects, and enjoy some pie!

Become an Ambassador!

By becoming aĀ community leader, you’ll not only contribute to the growth and success of our community, but you’ll also gain valuable skills, expand your network, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Join us today and start making your mark on the future of AI learning!

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