Pie & AI: TensorFlow Specialization Launch @ Google HQ

To celebrate the launch of the final course in the deeplearning.ai TensorFlow Specialization, we hosted our third Pie & AI meetup at Google’s headquarters in Sunnyvale! Andrew was joined by TensorFlow Specialization instructor Laurence Moroney, TensorFlow Program Manager Alina Shinkarsky, and 175 Bay Area deep learners.

Here are the topics Andrew, Laurence, and Alina covered:

Fireside chat:

  • 0:04: The state of AI now and in 20 years
  • 5:20: How to address the shortage of AI professionals
  • 10:19: Andrew and Laurence’s favorite parts about creating the deeplearning.ai TensorFlow Specialization
  • 14:25: Why the TensorFlow Specialization focuses on Keras
  • 16:02: How someone completely new to AI can break into the field
  • 19:22: Recent advancements in AI that Andrew and Laurence are excited about

Audience Q&A:

  • 22:08: RNNs vs. attention models
  • 22:58: What it takes for a small startup to be successful in AI (Editor’s note: Unfortunately the video feed quality was reduced for the rest of the video. We apologize for the inconvenience.)
  • 24:37: Knowledge graphs and whether it will bring AI applications to the next level
  • 29:15: How federated learning and differential privacy will emerge in the future
  • 32:37: The skills a successful AI practitioner should develop
  • 37:58: Working in academia vs. industry


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