Heroes of Deep Learning: Yuanqing Lin


“When I started studying deep learning, there weren’t many open-source resources. I think now in AI, and especially deep learning, there is a very good community and good deep learning frameworks to start with.”

Yuanqing Lin is one of the leading deep learning researchers and business leaders in China today. After completing his PhD at University of Pennsylvania, Lin was appointed the Director of Baidu’s Institute of Deep Learning and also led China’s first National Research Lab on Deep Learning. In January of 2018, Lin left Baidu to found his own startup, AI2B.

Andrew chats with Lin about his early interests in AI, the state of Deep Learning in China, and Lin’s advice for breaking into AI.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the interview:

  • 00:38: How Lin first became interested in AI
  • 4:06: Lin’s work as head of China’s National Research Lab on Deep Learning
  • 7:42: The state of Deep Learning in China
  • 10:52: Lin’s advice for breaking into AI


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