Heroes of Deep Learning: Geoffrey Hinton

“Read enough to develop your intuitions, then trust your intuitions.”

Geoffrey Hinton is known by many to be the godfather of deep learning. Aside from his seminal 1986 paper on backpropagation, Hinton has invented several foundational deep learning techniques throughout his decades-long career. Hinton currently splits his time between the University of Toronto and Google Brain.

Andrew sits down with Hinton to discuss his first exposure to AI, his current research projects, and his changing understanding of AI throughout the decades.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this interview:

  • 00:30: How Hinton’s fascination with the brain led him to explore AI
  • 3:33: The story behind his seminal 1986 paper on backpropagation that he wrote with David Rumelhart
  • 8:16: The invention Hinton is still most excited about
  • 12:55: Hinton’s work on ReLU activations
  • 25:35 How Hinton’s understanding of AI has changed over the decades
  • 15:27: Hinton’s thoughts on the relationship between the brain and backpropagation
  • 19:09: Hinton’s work on dealing with multiple time scales
  • 20:43: Hinton’s ongoing research on capsules
  • 29:40: Hinton’s advice for someone who wants to break into AI
  • 37:15: Hinton’s thoughts on the paradigm shift in AI

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