Event Ambassador Spotlight: Yan Xu


Yan Xu

Houston, US

Yan Xu completed her PhD in electrical engineering and researched bioinformatics and computer vision in grad school. Currently, a senior scientist at PROS Inc in Houston, she works on developing innovative machine learning algorithms for pricing and sales effectiveness in e-commerce. She’s excited about creating machine learning applications to drive business growth across different industries. She loves to speak on AI and ML-related topics in her spare time. 


How did you become a part of the DeepLearning.AI community? 

I’d been organizing for a local machine learning meetup in Houston for about 4 years when I found out about the DeepLearning.AI global community. As an active deep learner, I’ve benefited tremendously from the DeepLearning.AI courses. I wanted to share my passion and knowledge and help others grow – and the Pie & AI events and larger community seemed like the perfect platform.


What has the experience of being an Event Ambassador experience been like for you?

For my first Pie & AI, I organized a workshop on ‘Building a Career in Data Science’ with speakers from different industries in Houston. The panel shared many valuable insights on how to start and grow in data science at different stages of your career. For our most recent (virtual) event, I led a hands-on demo tutorial on sequence-to-sequence models with various attentions for NLP, which was very well received.  In addition to Pie & AI events, I’ve also organized virtual meetups on NLP topics. I really enjoy bringing different perspectives and ideas together.


Yan moderating at Pie & AI: Houston 01/18/2020


You can find Yan Xu on LinkedIn and Medium.

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