2023 Pie & AI Ambassador Spotlight: Godwin France, Accra

Pie & AI is a series of events organized by DeepLearning.AI, a global community aimed at fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These events are typically informal gatherings where attendees can network, learn, and engage with others who share a passion for AI, ML, and related technologies.

Why did you join the DeepLearning.AI community as an event ambassador?

I want to assist my community of young Africans to be in the know about cutting-edge technologies. The DeepLearning.AI Event Ambassador role has given me so many opportunities within the technology and AI community. I have been able to connect with like-minded individuals from across the globe. As a STEM educator, I believe that now is the time for many young Africans to exponentially grow their acquisition of digital skills. AI will feed into every aspect of our lives, and DeepLearning AI is the right place to get started.

What do you do when you are not hosting events with DeepLearning.AI

I build solutions to help small businesses. I run regular half-marathons and play basketball. I volunteer my time for other projects.

Describe a few highlights from your event ambassador experience.

I love getting feedback from the DeepLearning.AI team. A major highlight has been the ability to reach anyone within the community in order to have them as a guest on my sessions. Individuals and companies have also responded positively when I ask them to feature in my event sessions.

What have you leared/gained since joining the DeepLearning.AI community?

My highlight so far has been being able to connect with a wider network of other ambassadors from all over the world. And also to have guests from different countries. There’s a network effect; I have been able to communicate with top talents from across the world. I also get a diverse audience attending my online sessions. DeepLearning.AI is likely to be a household name in the AI education and skill training space. As AI finds more use cases, more training will be needed, and I believe DeepLearning.AI will be market-ready.

What are some predictions you have for the AI community in the next year?

I see the community being a major springboard for developers and end-users of AI platforms.

Do you want to become a Pie & AI Ambassador?