2023 Pie & AI Ambassador Spotlight: George V Scripcariu, Bucharest

Pie & AI ambassador George V Scripcariu

Pie & AI is a series of events organized by DeepLearning.AI, a global community aimed at fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These events are typically informal gatherings where attendees can network, learn, and engage with others who share a passion for AI, ML, and related technologies.

Why did you join the DeepLearning.AI community as an event ambassador?

I believe in the advent of AI and want to prepare for its coming.

What do you do when you are not hosting events with DeepLearning.AI

I am identifying AI / ML superstars (individuals and startups), reading almost every day about AI/ML, taking specialized courses, and trying to figure out ways to get involved in AI/ML initiatives.

Describe a few highlights from your event ambassador experience.

Shel Israel, an author of 7 books on disruptive technologies who has ghostwritten numerous other tech business books, was quick to feel disrupted. “When I first saw GPT, it freaked me out. I thought it was going to end my career as a ghostwriter. Now I believe it is a powerful tool that will allow me to write books of quality in less time, costing my clients less money and allowing me to make more revenue overall.” Shel joined one of my Pie & AI events, titled “Using ChatGPT For Fun and Profit.” He talked about machine learning and natural language processing and how they will improve nearly all forms of professional writing. We discussed the challenges and opportunities presented by co-writing with an AI model, and how the technology rapidly accelerates writing and editing. We answered questions from attendees from all over the world. Attendees then enjoyed hands-on workshops and demos, where they could experiment with ChatGPT and other AI models applicable to their work.

Overall, the Pie & AI event “Co-writing A Best-Seller with ChatGPT” was a must-attend for anyone interested in learning about the latest developments in AI and natural language processing and how they can be applied to writing and publishing.

What have you learned/gained since joining the DeepLearning.AI community?

I realized that we are a transformative force and a team with true global reach.

What are some predictions you have for the AI community in the next year?

AI will become even more present and embedded in all aspects of our professional and private lives.

Additional thoughts?

We shall be even more involved and creative with spreading the word about AI.

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