2022 Pie & AI Ambassador Spotlight: Rodrigo Beceiro

Why did you join the DeepLearning.AI community as an event ambassador?

I became an event ambassador because I was eager for the opportunity to share the knowledge I had acquired throughout the years with the larger AI community. I also appreciated the opportunity to offer my team at Marvik an outlet for developing their skills at organizing presentations for other ML and AI enthusiasts.

What do you do when you are not hosting events with DeepLearning.AI

I am the CTO and co-founder of Marvik, a software development firm specialized in machine learning. We help companies identify opportunities to leverage their data. I love the challenge of solving problems that no one else has solved before.

Describe a few highlights from your event ambassador experience.

So far, I have hosted a combination of 8 virtual and on-site events at Marvik spanning a range of topics that include: machine learning interpretability, ranking algorithm techniques, vision transformers, quantum networks, and more.

What have you learned/gained since joining the DeepLearning.AI community?

Being part of this community has allowed me to meet and connect with a large group of ML practitioners and colleagues. It has also opened up the possibility of learning from a diversity of AI-related topics. Finally, I want to emphasize that these events have helped to attract many new enthusiasts who are excited to learn about, and possibly join, our field.